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If you have other related needs that are not listed below, then please ask.

If you are a Health and Safety Professional involved in workplace Risk Assessments, we can:

  • Determine the level of compliance with guidelines and legislation.
  • Determine if the workplace is suitable for those with cardiac implants.
  • Inform you how to reduce exposure levels where necessary.
  • Provide training to enable your staff to be competent to carry out workplace assessments.

If you are involved with property development, then we can:
  • Identify all electrical plant and equipment.
  • Conduct a Compliance Assessment Measurement Survey.
  • Issue a Compliance Assessment Report.

If you are experiencing computer screen interference, we can:
  • Determine the characteristics of the magnetic interference.
  • Identify the source.
  • Mitigate the effects.

If you have had measurements done by another party, we can check your documentation to:

  • Comment on the measurement protocol used.
  • Validate the documented measurement results.
  • Validate any conclusions or recommendations made.

We also provide:


To obtain a balanced and authoritative opinion of the research requires a large proportion of the hundreds of reports available to be carefully studied.  For many people this is not possible and it is then difficult for them to discern fact from fiction.  However we:

  • Monitor research publications and the work of the various Standards Agencies.
  • Filter out the information that you require.
  • Present the information in a form that best meets your needs, ie; reports, leaflets, training seminars.

Comparative Measurement and Computer Modelling

If direct measurements are not possible, then we can estimate the magnitudes of the fields by:

  • Comparative measurements at a similar site.
  • Use of Computer Modelling techniques

Mitigation Techniques

There is always something that can be done to limit exposure to non-ionising radiation.  We have the expertise to advise you how to select the best method to suit your situation.  These techniques  can also be used to overcome computer screen interference problems.  Consideration is given to:

  • Applying field reduction measures to the source.
  • Moving affected equipment
  • Restricting employee's / public access.
  • Shielding affected equipment.
  • Suitability of Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Employee's perception of the need for change.

Liaison Service

This subject can create emotive situations where trust needs to be established before effective communication can take place.  We have the knowledge, training and experience to liaise with many different groups of people, the media and with individuals.  We are able to develop knowledge based step-by-step reasoned responses.  Therefore we can meet with any interested party on your behalf to:

  • Clarify knowledge where there is misunderstanding.
  • Mediate where there is conflict.


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