Electromagnetic Surveys Limited provides electric, magnetic and electromagnetic (radio frequency) field strength and power measurement for ICNIRP Guideline based Compliance Assessments as required by new Health & Safety legislation.  Similar assessments are also carried out to ensure working environments are safe for those with cardiac implants.

These fields are also known as EMFs or non-ionising radiation.  They are created by 'natural' and 'man-made' sources.  From lightning storms to mobile phones, overhead lines, substations, electrical machinery and appliances.

New building developments near to electricity supply equipment can cause the occupants to experience flickering problems with their computer screen images.  We can provide pre-build assessments to avoid this problem and solutions to overcome this effect in existing buildings.  Measurement services are also provided where local planning departments require developers to assess if their structures are likely to cause any television reception problems for the surrounding community.

This site provides you with background information about electric, magnetic and radio frequency fields.  Yes, it is possible to find research that suggests a link between these fields and serious health outcomes, usually cancer, however, the majority of the research that has been undertaken does not support this link, especially at levels within current guidelines.

It will never be possible to give an absolute answer to the question; is non-ionising electromagnetic radiation safe or not.  It is only possible to say what we already know and what the overall picture is.

Therefore, our business is to measure these fields anywhere in the UK and to provide you with an answer as to how compliant the measured values are with current guidelines and legislation. 

EMFs can be a very emotive subject and we would like you to read through the brief information provided on this website and follow our 'Related Links' to further information.  This may help to allay your concerns or anxiety.  You will then be in a better position to assess your need for consultation or measurements being carried out, either by us or by anyone else.

We will not scare you into buying our products or services.

We can all fear the unknown.  We can only be comfortable after we have decided what the risk might be, and if necessary, how to control it.  We need to understand the character of the threat, if any.  Therefore, you need to know the facts.

The purpose of this website is to present the facts about common concerns in an understandable way.  Let us know of anything that is unclear or, anything that you think should be included and we will do our best to put it right.

Garry Homer  B.Sc.  MIEEE